Jewelry Workshops

Make Your Own Wedding Rings

Spend a Saturday or Sunday at the Walker Jewelry studio with a hands on experience like no other. Workshop prices start at $450 per couple + materials.

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Here is what a local couple had to say about their experience making their own wedding bands.

We had the best time coordinating the design, working with our hands, and watching our bands take shape in front of us.  Now we get to brag that we made our own rings, and that is a novel experience that most do not get to claim.
— Kasey Lawrence

Stacker Ring Classes

Stacker Ring Classes are great for corporate team building events, friends catching up, and individuals who want to learn a new skill.

Class Description

Dive into the art of jewelry making and learn to make your very own stacker rings! In this experience you will have the chance to make up to 10 rings at the Walker Jewelry Studio using traditional silversmith techniques. I will teach you to silver solder, cut metal with a jeweler's saw, file and polish metal. I have sterling silver and brass material options for you to choose from to make your own custom set of 14-18 gauge rings. This experience is perfect for duo travelers, solo travelers, and groups who are looking to make memories and wearable souvenirs. Did I mention that my shop is near the lake? Drive around the neighborhood afterwards while admiring your new hand made rings and enjoy this truly unique side of Nashville!

This is a must do! Lindsay was knowledgable and fun. We love making a souvenir to bring home and these rings were perfect! Lindsay spoke indepth about the process and how it differed by metal. Also if you love art, food, bluegrass or Bourbon (and let’s face it, You’re visiting Nashville, so you know you love one of those) be sure to ask her for some recommendations. This was less like a tourist stop and more like hanging out with a friend. That kind of experience is irreplaceable.
— Jack