Revisiting the Significance of Rings

by lindsay walker

One of the main reasons that I make jewelry is for the stories. Jewelry, has the ability to carry not only monetary value, especially if it's made from gold and other precious metals and gems, but it also has the ability to hold memories and feelings. Even if the jewelry is transformed into something different, the sentimental significance can never be taken away, but it can be carried on in the objects that we adorn ourselves with. 

I enjoy creating jewelry that comes from a personal place because oftentimes that feeling is carried on to the next person. My experiences and desires come together to create jewelry that is relatable because we are all connected by the same threads of meaning. 

Historically rings have held special meaning in cultures. In ancient Rome wealthy landowners were permitted to wear gold rings to signify their rank and status. Freedmen were only allowed to wear silver rings, but would often paint their gold rings black, as a symbol of their own value without fear of rebuke from the law. 

Symbolic meanings of jewelry and rings change and vary depending upon the culture and time, but the consistent thread for jewelry wearing is that the object becomes personal and significant throughout time and experience. We feel connected to objects, and we always have been. Ancient man was adorned wth jewelry first before any other accessory or fashion was created. 

The historical and present sigificance of ring wearing fuels my creative drive. I always enjoy making custom wedding rings for people, and for awhile now I have been motivated to use the same techniques for making jeweled and signet rings for men and women. Walker Jewelry is releasing a few styles at a time.

Every ring is sand casted in my studio from sterling silver, bronze, and gold, and are finished in different styles. Various gems are being used and include citrine, ruby, and garnet. Rings also come with their vary own antique ring box which I've been collecting feverishly. Many of these celluloid ring boxes were made in the 50's for jewelers and all include a Made in USA stamp on the back. Take a look at some of my pieces in the gallery below!