Make Your Own Wedding Ring Workshops

by lindsay walker

Since opening my little space in Old Hickory I've gotten to do 4 Wedding Ring Workshops with some of the most awesome soon to be married and married couples I've ever met. The context is like no other! These guys are walking into the workshop with little to no experience in metal work, but a willingness to learn and have fun. That is literally all it takes!  We start the mornings on these days sipping coffee and chit chatting a bit, typically I have gotten to meet these guys before during the consultation where we talked about ring sizes and material options to work with. By the time the workshop rolls around, I feel like we already have a good rapport going, which is so important! Making your own wedding ring on the spot can seem daunting for sure. I'm always amazed to see how quickly everyone picks up the techniques that I teach and how supportive everyone is of each other; helping to provide encouragement and affirmation when needed. This make your own wedding rings workshop is such a journey! And also symbolic of life and love.

I do have to say that I always get slightly emotional when the class has ended and we sip champagne and reflect on how the day went. There is an air of relief, surprise, love, and pride all at the same time while examining a freshly made pair of gorgeous rings that will be looked at and cherish for years and generations to come. These workshops are an honor to do. For everyone who has come out to Old Hickory so far to take this journey....A Big Thank You and a Big Hug! Here are some pictures below of the couples and their work. Please email me today if you are interested in making your own wedding bands.